17. April 2020


   JustKids is a dance course for children between 4 and 8 years old with a naturalistic approach to movement. 

   It is an organic and respectful way of moving in which kids will improve their motor skills, musicality and flexibility, as well as develop sensibility and connectedness with oneself. We offer kids a room without parents where they can explore with the help of the teacher, movement , express themselves and enjoy the freedom of moving with the music.

   The sessions offer free dance, stretching and Yoga, basic acrobatic moves, voice expression and learning to listen to their bodies through mindful techniques.



JustKids helps to:

  • Find a deeper form of communication where words are not important, but the whole self is involved with all the sensorial organs.  
  • Children become aware of their own bodies and can enhance the motor skills while improving self confidence and trust.
  • It will prepare the kids for future dance forms such a classical ballet and contemporary dance or any other gymnastic forms.
  • Learning to express themselves in a creative way, and to listen tp their bodies.
  • Improved or maintained creativity and spontaneity while having pure fun and joy.