18. April 2020


Parents and Kids in Movement

   MovingKids is a movement course for parents/carer givers and children between the ages of 2 to 6 years. It is a form of communication in which words are not important, but the whole body expresses itself through movement.The children are encouraged to trust their parents, who are suggested to dance and move in a playful way which creates a deep connection.

   The children will have the space to be completely themselves and to explore and develop awareness of their growing bodies with the support of adults without any requirements.

   We will use different techniques and tools like Yoga, Acroyoga, basic Feldenkrais, free dance and contact improvisation. 

   With respect and fun the teacher will guide parents and kids to an intimate and joyful experience that both parties can benefit deeply from it.



Possible Achievements of the session: 

  • Children become aware of their own bodies and can enhance the motor skills while the parents get to improve their mobility and flexibility.
  • Find a deeper form of communication where words are not important, but the whole self is involved with all the sensorial organs. 
  • Improved self confidence for the kids while they get to develop trust on their parents and a deep bonding through movement, which offers Physical and emotional security.
  • Improved creativity and spontaneity while having pure fun and joy.