19. November 2017

Project MovingKids

Since our daughter was born, we intuitively played with her in a dance-like manner, applying everything we learned in our dance career and adding our notions of Feldenkrais, Osteo and Craneo-Sacral Therapy, Yoga and Acroyoga, based on a methodology of free education. We would go to the Theater with her and she would copy us while we did our warm up, and then we would stretch and dance together in a free playful way. We realized that it is very natural for her to be flexible and coordinated, so she was not just learning from us, we were also learning from her.

We had always a great interest in finding the most natural, the most efficient and graceful way to move, effortlessly and spontaneously, the way kids naturally move. So just for fun we three started exploring movement. Every time we feel that it is a precious moment that we share with her, and this intimate space felt connective and unitive.

She was gaining confidence in herself and trust in us while doing varied acrobatic movements. Without being aware of it, we were developing a different approach and methodology that would bring parents and kids together through movement and allow the development not just of the physical body but the whole being.

We would dance, listen to music, stretch, do inverted position, acroyoga, contact body improvisation, Yoga and Feldenkrais. We would also find different tools in the room like rollers and pilates balls and use them creatively.

“ If I am totally honest, I can’t say that this is our idea. It came from within, in moments of deep insight. Before I thought about it, I was able to understand the concept and intuitively know about it. It was somehow the resolution of everything that I had learnt in my life, from dancing, Feldenkrais, Yoga, Acroyoga, being a parent and life itself. It came out as something natural and obvious. Why not share everything we discovered with other parents and their children? ”

Francesc Marsal